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Tokotown - The online marketplace

Connecting Merchants & Brands with Content Creators

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Ready to grow your local influence?

We’re a 2 sided-mobile marketplace connecting small to medium-size brick & mortar and online merchants (F&B, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Venues & Events etc..)  with hyper-local influencers.

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Save time, drive traffic and increase your brand’s reach and awareness!

It’s fast

Stop spending hours searching for influencers manually. Get access to Asia’s largest network of local influencers at your fingertips.

It’s reliable

Our influencer vetting process allows you to invest and partner with the right influencer.

It’s higly-targeted

Generate a greater ROI than Google or Facebook ads with authentic & credible content crafted at your location or when an influencer receives your product.

It’s powerful

Manage all your campaign analytics in real-time from one single app.

It’s convenient

No cash payment, only reward your influencers with digital vouchers, free meal, products, services and more..

Tokotown - Save time - boost your traffic - increase sales

Word of Mouth Digital Marketing Made Easy

Create In-Store and
Online campaigns

Tokotown Pro

Generate authentic
& credible content

Authentic COntent

Manage campaign

Tokotown Pro

Two types of campaigns

In store campaign

Ask influencers to come physically


Influencers localise live campaigns on their Tokotown feed or map, scan the QR Code on site to redeem the offer and create, post & tag eye-catching content.

Tokotown - In store campaign

Online campaign

Send vouchers or products to influencers


Influencers select live campaigns on their Tokotown app feed, redeem the offer to receive the product or digital voucher, and create, post & tag eye-catching content

Tokotown - online campaign

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Brands & Merchants

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Content Creators

AppIcon Pro - Content creators

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