Influencer Marketing: Agencies Vs. Platforms?


Still not leveraging influencer marketing for your brand? You are missing out on a massive opportunity to get closer to your target audience and achieve incredible market exposure. Influencer marketing is one of the best extensions of digital marketing that can single-handedly improve how potential customers look at your brand. However, you’ll have to carefully align your approach to make this work, especially when it comes to choosing between agencies and platforms to run an influencer marketing campaign. In this post, we will help your brand choose one of the two influencer marketing options and make the most of your marketing budget. Let’s get started!

Influencer Marketing Agencies

When should you go for influencer marketing agencies? It’s simple. Agencies are driven by marketing experts that can handle complex and curated influencer marketing campaigns and can prepare long-term strategies. For this, the client (you) should have a bigger marketing budget. Such agencies have direct interaction with the creators or influencers and work with them only after vetting and educating them on your product or service — all this to reduce the component or risk. In short, you should go for agencies if you have a large marketing budget and need a customized long-term marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Using an influencer marketing platform is the to-go solution when you want to collaborate with multiple creators in one or more campaigns, at one time or throughout the year. Rather than collaborating with social media celebrities (with millions of followers), an influencer marketing platform will often connects you with influencers who have smaller but highly engaged and devoted audiences.

The best influencer marketing platforms provide brands and influencers with features and tools that make campaign management a walk in the park. From brief creation & publication, influencers matching, campaign management and performance reporting, influencer platforms are a perfect time-efficient and cost-effective solution for brands that do not have the marketing budget to work with an agency.

The influencer marketing platform you choose is more than just a way to connect with influencers, it should also provide you with goal-specific analytics on your Key Performance Indicators set prior to the campaign (reach, engagements, ROI, URL etc.) to allow you maximise your campaign for success. 

Final Thoughts!

Choosing between an influencer marketing agency or platform has never been easier, has it? Through this quick guide, we helped you understand that your choice should largely depend on your marketing objectives. Indeed, there are no right or wrong choices. But, you should certainly consider the factors mentioned above, as these will push you to make highly informed decisions and use your marketing budget appropriately.

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