Jakarta, 10 November 2020 – Narrators, a marketing platform with hundreds of influencer communities, today launched the Tokotown Pro application for merchants in partnership with Gojek, the leading super app in South East Asia. Under the collaboration, the Tokotown Pro on-demand platform provides direct access for merchants in the Gojek ecosystem to connect with social media content creators who have been tested and verified.

With Tokotown Pro, merchants can collaborate with content creators in real-time, without a complicated negotiation process, and do not require additional costs. Merchants will exchange products and services, offers (promos, discounts), with content to be posted on various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. These efforts are expected to support the merchants, who are mostly the MSMEs, in expanding consumer reach, driving consumer traffic to outlets, thereby increasing sales of products and services.

The Tokotown Pro solution, through the collaboration with Gojek ecosystem, is aligned with the inclusive and comprehensive #MelajuBersamaGojek effort, which helps MSMEs more easily implement digitization at every step of their daily business operations, including marketing.

Narrators Founder & CEO Laurent Verrier, “Citing the market trend data, 89% of consumers make product shopping decisions influenced by social media content; 61% of consumers said micro-influencers were more trusted in terms of content. Likewise, millennials, 61% of them make decisions to buy products when watching digital influencer accounts. In line with these findings, we at Narrators strive to match merchants with influencers and produce social media content with a wide reach and positive impact on brand owners and content creators. We are happy to collaborate with Gojek for the launch of Tokotown Pro, which can connect our communities of content creators with merchants or outlet owners. On the one hand, merchants can get data and technology support to efficiently push their campaigns; on the other hand, content creators have the opportunity to be rewarded for their content crafting skills and audience. “

VP of Commercial Solutions and Operations Gojek Vincent Bachtiar said, “Merchants, who are mostly MSME players, have limited opportunity to collaborate with influencers or content creators in campaigning for their outlets, products, and services either. This is due to limited access to social networks and high cost. Gojek always innovates to develop products and technology to create new solutions to problems faced by merchants who are part of our ecosystem. In collaboration with Narrators, we present products and services that make it easier and become a mainstay for merchants in developing their business; by connecting the millions of merchant partners in our ecosystem with Narrators’ broad community of micro and macro influencers.

Every content creator in Tokotown Pro has gone through a verification process either through data analysis or manually. Thus, merchants have the guarantee to be matched with content creators that suit market needs. As an on-demand platform, Tokotown Pro makes it easy for merchants to create offline and online campaigns in an instant and get it published on influencer app Tokotown Pro. All influencer content and results can be directly monitored through the merchant campaign dashboard. Merchants can exchange product and service vouchers or experiences with content creators, so there is no need to make payments anymore.

Content creators in the Tokotown Pro community have influence and followers with a number of from 1,000-10,000 (Nano), 10,000-75,000 (Micro), to 75,000-250,000 (Macro), and actively campaign in various fields, from food (to cafes and restaurants), lifestyle (for games, sports and automotive), beauty (for make-up), and entertainment (for events).

Vincent added, “With only a cellphone, merchants can easily create campaigns on the Tokotown Pro application. They can determine the type of publications needed and complete campaign brief information, including offers to be given, for example, GoFood vouchers for merchants engaged in food, product reviews, buy 1 get 1, and discounts; then monitor campaign performance and re-use the content created”.

With cell phones, stall merchants can access the Tokotown Pro application, which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

Want to collaborate with local influencers near you? Tokotown Pro is an all in one hyperlocal marketing solution allowing you to activate local influencer campaigns directly from your mobile phone.

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