The F&B industry is recognising the kind of power food influencers hold and the impact they can have on the business of restaurants in Singapore. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, F&B owners are struggling to get customer traction and start to explore affordable alternatives to overplayed marketing tactics for their businesses. 

Enter-food bloggers. Instagram influencer marketing is the saving grace for businesses that are struggling to stay open and keep their brand alive. Not only do food bloggers bring attention to businesses by broadening the scope of their audience, they also generate a follower base that is sustainable for long-term growth. Now, with an incredibly diverse industry like the F&B business, there’s bound to be a plethora of food bloggers too.

Read ahead to scour through the different types of food influencers and how to find the perfect match for you!

Different Types of Food Influencers

Insta-famous food bloggers and micro-influencers in the Singapore Food influencer scene come in different forms. From celebrity chefs and industry experts to more mainstream social media content creators, they each have their own niche and a following that respects and trusts them. Nano and micro-influencers, with a relatively smaller following of 1k to 75k, track as the most popular foodie influencer choice because of their authenticity, relatability and consequently, the trust associated with the advice they share. Customers are likely to trust the suggestions of a small influencer with a niche following rather than a larger influencer who might feel like a brand sell-out, and this shows pertinently in Singapore.

Fung Kee Hotdogs and Choupinette are just a few of the trendy restaurants that have used the Tokotown creators database to engage with nano and micro-influencers. This collaboration produced aesthetically pleasing and fun Instagram content that tied with their brand image and boost their brand awareness to all the followers their influencers had amassed.

There are many ways you can collaborate to create a more organic following. Restaurants can use influencers to share the latest products, services, discount coupons and offers to a vast majority of like-minded people who are foodies themselves, on the hunt for the next cute cafe or trendy restaurant to visit. By joining TokotownPro, we provide the connections and resources to harness the power of Instagram influencer marketing, linking you up with creative influencers and the wide Instagram reach they possess.

Different Types of Influencer Partnerships

Traditional influencer marketing campaigns call for a mix of influencers to broaden the businesses’ appeal. However, apart from engaging influencers on a one-off basis, we have recently seen a rise in always-on influencer marketing strategies, where businesses choose to collaborate with influencers on the long run. This is especially fruitful if influencers can routinely promote your restaurant on their channels, thus building a more authentic and personal connection between the brand and the influencer.

You can also craft your campaign to not just attract more customers to your business but also get more followers on social media channels. Encourage the micro-influencers or food bloggers you work with to tag your business in their posts. 

Another way to get more views is to feature them on your channels directly, by having your favorite influencer do a product review on your Instagram or Tiktok account. If you are a big franchise operation with business across cities, a big influencer will help get your name around better. On the other hand, nano and micro-influencers are more useful if you run a very localized business.

The Right Fit

Last but not least, it’s important that you partner with the right people for your business. The kind of restaurant you run and the demographic you want to attract will factor into the type of influencers you choose.

Authenticity is the key to a successful influencer marketing campaign, and it’s imperative for your campaign’s influencer to showcase your brand to the niche community that shares the same values as yours. 

With the Toktown Pro app, businesses have access to a wide array of heavily vetted influencers. These influencers, and their respective content, have been screened thoroughly to ensure they have achieved and continue to maintain an exemplary track record on social media, therefore reflecting positively on the brands they represent as well. Companies are privy to an exclusive group of local influencers and their respective social media reach through our concise and straightforward app, wherein they can engage with and oversee the sponsored content influencers curate for their brand.

Tokotown Pro Has the Answers

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Use the Tokotown Pro app to manage your entire campaign in one place. Download the app and sign up, create your campaign and sit back. In return, you get access to Asia’s largest network of local influencers and high-quality analytics. The best part – there is no cash payment involved. Only rewards influencers with free meals, products, services and experiences. 

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