Optimizing Your Instagram this 2022!

Okay, how can I optimize IG to grow my brand outreach?

There’s 4 main factors that you can focus on to expand on your Instagram reach!


Here’s where your creativity comes in. Create engaging content that ties in with the main scope of your brand. If your company is selling caffeine, create innovative drinks or latte art while showcasing your products to the audience. If you’re a cosmetics brand, research the top trending content online regarding cosmetics and model your original content around their template. The trick is to choose your target audience, figure out what they like to interact with and customize the content to make it relevant to your brand. 

Brainstorming for a better way? Engage influencers to create branded content for you! Trust us, they know what they’re doing. Tokotown Pro connects home grown businesses to local social media influencers, broadcasting the brand online to thousands of their followers in Singapore. When they engage with influencers, brands are assured of high-quality content that already has a large viewership count, ready for them to utilize for their social media.

Consistent Posting Schedule

Building an online relationship is like any other, starting with dependability. Can your followers depend on your social media for quality and consistency? Create a monthly content calendar for your social media platform and decide on how many times a week you plan to post, an idea of the content you would post at the allocated time and incorporate any up-to-date trends that would boost your content to a larger audience. According to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, a posting schedule of 2 feed posts per week and 2 stories per day is perfect for building a following.

Optimizing IG in 2022

Video content, in the form of reels is extremely popular, causing your account to have a higher chance of being boosted to new audiences. Streamline your content efforts by posting IG reels, keeping them short and below 20 seconds. Use consistent and trending hashtags to categorize your content and make it easier for people searching for your niche to find you.

What happens at the end of the month?

Great job! You’ve come to the end of your monthly calendar and can start deleting all the excel spreadsheets you have. But, don’t forget the most important part of your strategy! Sort through your analytics feature on the Instagram app to analyze the performance of your content. Here are some useful questions that you can follow as a guideline. What is your best performing post? What post has the highest number of views, likes, comments etc. Why do you think that post out performed the others? Using this imperative data, re-evaluate your social media strategy and start creating your content calendar for the next month, armed with a whole plethora of useful information to spruce up your Instagram. 

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