Case Study – Dunya Gelato

Dunya Gelato Case Study

Dunya Gelato
Food & Beverages

In-Store Campaign

Campaign Brief

Dunya Gelato partnered with Tokotown to promote and drive public awareness to its ice cream shop. Content Creators were tasked to create 1 Instagram photo post showing the delicious way they enjoyed Dunya Gelato’s ice creams. Each caption emphasized the vegan, halal, and premium ingredients of the product.

Offer description: Buy 1 get 1 free

Campaign duration: Ongoing


The campaign generated 4 pieces of content which the brand owns the full right and can re-use them for their social media channels.

  • Influencer Minimum Followers: 1000
  • Nb. of Influencers: 4
  • Reach: 30 255
  • Engagements: 3 914