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About So France

After So France Bistro successfully launched their first campaign with Tokotown Pro, they decided to publish a second campaign on the mobile app, aiming to promote the opening of their new outlet.

Tokotown Pro

Campaign guidelines

Local influencers in Singapore with more than 2000 followers could bring along a friend to redeem their offer of a free cup of decadent ice cream, alongside 2 glasses of champagne in exchange for a post on their Instagram promoting the restaurant.

Campaign results

Over the course of the campaign, 12 nano-influencers broadcasted the promotion to their thousands of followers in Singapore, amassing a total reach of over 250K local Instagram users and garnering almost 7K engagements.

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The benefits ?

By simply exchanging a single service for localized promotional social media content, So France Bistro was able to reach thousands of new potential customers and broadcast their social media platform to a vital niche of foodies in Singapore.

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