Who’d have known running influencer marketing through local personalities would reap a staggering 66 percent boost in earned media and a massive 30 percent increase in footfall? In this post, we will help you understand local influencer marketing from inside and out and share the benefits of running such campaigns through real-life examples. Let’s cut to the chase and dive right in, shall we?

What are the benefits of local influencer marketing?

Local influencer marketing does an excellent job of promoting brand awareness and generating more engagement across online and offline marketing platforms. It’s a cost-effective marketing method as you engage only with local or small influencers in your region. Since you’ll use several local influencers, your business will get access to new followers — a result of authentic and fresh content created by the influencers. Not just that, the ingenuity helps reinforce customer loyalty and instill trust among the target audience!

How to find the right local influencers?

There are several ways you can find local influencers willing to promote your products and services. Here are some tips worth implementing in your quest to shortlist influencers compatible with your business.

  1. Always be honest and open about your business and marketing goals.
  2. Look forward to local influencers already talking about your brand.
  3. Check out the influencers your target audience is already engaging with.
  4. Start consuming local industry content through podcasts, blogs, and events.
  5. Shortlist relevant hashtags and monitor them frequently.
  6. Compare the key performance metrics of the shortlisted influencers.
  7. Grab some inspiration from your competitors’ local influencer marketing campaigns.
  8. Let your community recommend some local influencers.

Do you find the process of shortlisting local influencers quite challenging? 

The influencer marketing mobile App Tokotown Pro makes it seamless for businesses to collaborate with influencers and monitor your campaign activities all in one place.Just connect with our customer representative at Tokotown Pro and we’ll help you achieve your influencer marketing goals! 

Some local influencer marketing examples

We have had some exciting experiences running local influencer marketing for different businesses. Here are some examples of local influencer marketing campaigns we ran recently.

  • Choupinette

The restaurant owners connected with Tokotown Pro to run two live campaigns to promote redeemable meals. Both campaigns generated a total reach of 629k Instagram users across just 25 local influencer posts!

  • So France

Another restaurant in the kitty, So France also ran two campaigns through the Tokotown Pro App to promote their new outlet in Claymore, offering a variety of french delights to local influencers in exchange for a social media post. The restaurant went on to amass 7k engagements and a reach of over 250k people on Instagram! All this just by using 12 local influencers.

  • Essensuals

A well-established hair salon in Singapore, Essensuals wanted to promote and scale its business by connecting with the average Singaporean customer. They used the Tokotown Pro mobile app and ran 3 campaigns featuring promotional hairstyling. They attracted female influencers with over 10k Instagram followers through the promotions. In return, they got 11 sponsored posts from local influencers, the campaign generated over 16.8k engagements, and reached over 427k Instagram users.

Final thoughts!

There you have it. The benefits of local influencer marketing are quite evident. Leveraging local influencers across online and offline marketing campaigns can help boost your marketing ROI, generate brand awareness, and drive more customers. Are you new to influencer marketing? Don’t sweat it. Just connect with Tokotown as we deliver time-efficient influencer marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a portfolio of 400+ vetted local influencers, you will never run out of influencers compatible with your business and industry. So why wait?